1047: Trigonometry - pcos A + qsin A - Visualise a sin x ± b cos x to sin

This display allows you to visualise the transformations:
$\color{purple}{ a \, \sin (x) + b \, \cos (x) = R \, \sin (x + \alpha) }$
$\color{purple}{ a \, \sin (x) - b \, \cos (x) = R \, \sin (x - \alpha) }$

After adjusting $\color{red}{a}$ and $\color{blue}{b}$, you can adjust $\color{green}{r}$ and $\color{green}{\alpha}$ to their derived values to see the two curves coincide.

For a better view, you should use the navigation buttons in the lower right corner to zoom in and out.
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