8190: Trigonometry - Double angle formulae - Visualise sin(ax) Formulae

The double angle formulae are useful in solving trigonometric formulae. This display allows you to view formulae relating to $\color{green}{\sin (a \, x)}$ with $\color{green}{a}$ an adjustable constant.

Initially, $\color{green}{a}$ is set to 0 so you can visualise how $\color{red}{\sin (c \, x) \cos (c \, x)}$ arises as the product of $\color{grey}{\sin (c \, x)}$ and $\color{grey}{\cos (c \, x)}$.

Then, by adjusting $\color{green}{a}$, $\color{red}{b}$ and $\color{red}{c}$ to make the green and red curves coincide, you can view the double angle formulae, not only for $\color{green}{\sin (2 \, x)}$, but for other values of $\color{green}{a}$ too.